How to book a round trip flight and a one-way flight together

Booking a ticket is usually a confusing job. Rather than jumping to the conclusion on a round trip flight is better than a one-way flight, let us understand what these terms exactly mean. To book a ticket for a roundtrip flight or a one-way flight, you must necessarily understand the benefits both have. Let us first discuss the basics, and then know whether you can buy a round trip ticket and only use one way or not. 

What is a Round Trip Ticket?

A round trip ticket is also known as a ‘circle ticket’ or ‘return air ticket‘ because it allows you to depart from your location to the place where you will be staying for some days and again travel back to your location. The round trip tickets are flights from and back to the same site. In a simple language, we can call it a ‘Back to Pavilion’ ticket. The start and endpoint are the same.

How do Round Trip Flights Work?

A Round Trip Flight is popular among travelers because it is comparatively economical and a good deal for international travel. However, if you are looking for domestic travel, the one-way flight can be more economical. Often, travelers don’t know their plan to return, so they often have to book a one-way ticket. This is how airlines collect more revenue from business travelers who can’t book their flight in advance and are ready to pay more for that flexibility.

how to book a round trip flight and a one way flight together

What is A One-Way Flight?

A one-way ticket or one-way flight only allows you to fly to the destination and not return to your origin location. It is booked from a passenger’s departure airport to their planned location with no scheduled return trip.

Can You Buy a Round Trip Ticket and Only Use One Way?

This is most recommended by savvy travelers to use a Round Trip Ticket and use One way. There have been many success stories you will have heard of. It may seem to be a smart tactic, but the airlines have frowned on this behavior in the long run. If you, in any case, miss a segment of a trip, your ticket may be canceled, and even you will not be refunded.

Many travelers practice this tactic of ditching the last leg of the trip and several times and most of them found to be lucky. However, taking this chance multiple times could raise a red flag with the airline. Some airlines do not have any clear policies; they will simply cancel any onward segment you failed to check-in. It means if you had two stops in your ticket and you missed the second segment, you will be blocked automatically from boarding the third flight as well.

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What if You Want to Change the Plan?

A key point to consider while choosing between a one-way ticket and a round trip ticket is that if by chance you want to cancel the flight or missed the flight or change the plan, booking a one-way flight can get you in trouble as you need to pay for both change and cancellation fees twice for both the tickets. 

In such situations, if you have a round trip ticket, it is advisable to pick a date that is far enough out and possibly chooses a flexible fare. Always go with the airline that doesn’t charge change fees. If you are not sure when to travel back, then find airlines that do not charge much. So, even if the airline charges some fees, it can be worth paying the extra money. This way, you will be charged with only one cancellation or change fees.

A Piece of Advice

Like any shopping brands, airlines also offer sales many times a year, and if you consciously plan as per the offers, you will be highly benefited. Keep an eye on both one-way and roundtrip fares, because several airlines offer discounts on round trip tickets and not necessarily offer a one-way ticket. Read each deal and terms and conditions properly. Some airlines charge hidden fees to be aware of such arrangements.

The Bottom Line

There are tactics to convert round trip flight tickets to one-way flight tickets, but it is not recommended. In this article, we discussed several parameters to keep in mind before planning to ditch on the airlines. Now that you are aware of the various factors that help to choose a better deal between a one-way ticket and a round trip ticket, you can try some that can save your money. Have a happy journey!

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