How to Find Past Flight Information – Find Past Flight Number

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There can be several reasons you may have to get your past flight information. Some can be aviation enthusiasts, or some may want to claim compensation for their delayed or canceled flights. 

Irrelevant of how important you need it, you may find it to be a very challenging task to find the details if you don’t have a habit of handling old passes.

Here is excellent news for you; there are several other ways to find past flight information. We are going to discuss with you the few reliable methods to find past flight information.

How to Find Past Flight Information

Method 1 – Flight Tracker Sites Method

There are top-rated tracker sites that can help you with various information about individual flights. You can use it in an app and keep track of flight times and tail number registration.

Here are the tracker sites popularly used by many such as Flightradar24, FlightAware FlightStats, Radar Virtuel, ADS- B Exchange, etc. They have a live map radar and also give data on individual flights.

You will get updated with the delays of flights before it is announced at the airport. All you must have is the aircraft’s registration, and then you can be tracked by that particular aircraft. 

Here we will discuss the few tracker sites with its features.


This site will show one week of flight history for free subscribers. Forgoing further days, you will have to subscribe to Silver, Gold, or Business.


It offers a “Historical Flight Status” offering a feature of free 1-week flight data. It also allows flight searches by flight number or route. The historical function in the FlightStats is useful to find flight numbers and flight times though the accuracy of the data is not always absolute.


Flight Aware

Unfortunately, this site doesn’t have a feature to show tail numbers unless you don’t subscribe to one of its Enterprise accounts. The service is a bit expensive, but it offers full flight history. The other feature of FlightAware is that it is possible to find historical data using its URL data. 


It is a comparatively new site, it pulls all flight information from various data sources. You can get information such as tail number, call sign, and departure. You can search by route, airline, airport, or even registration number. This is a free site and data is available from back 2017. 

Dutch Plane Spotters:

How to Find Past Flight Information

It keeps an excellent record of flight movements over the last decade. You can get the data segregated by airline, aircraft, or place. The flight coverage is almost described comprehensively. 


This airport flight movement site is a brilliant resource. It has historical details of past decades. 

Method 2 – Work On Your Flight History

It is always easy to get flight details of recent flights rather than old flights. The process can be like a treasure hunt, quite fun and nostalgic looking back at old flights taken or tickets that you may have already crushed in your old purse. 

You can try these steps out, before giving up, hold on to a few things that you call common sense that can be missed out.

Old Passes:

Check-in your mail, you might have its PDF. It can give you details of your flight number, seat number, and departure time of the flight. 

Confirmation Messages:

Do not forget to check on your confirmation messages that you got while booking your flight. 

Flight History:

Check flight history by logging into an airline frequent flyer account or travel agent account. 

Check Passport:

You can get flight dates on old passport stamps. Some countries mention flight number on passport stamp, lucky you are if you traveled to Thailand because they usually write flight number.

Bank Statements:

Have you checked in your old credit card and bank statements? You can get details such as price paid and approximate dates.


Your gallery can help you with the dates you captured the photos. And if you have captured a picture of your plane, you can get details of aircraft type and possibly registration number as well. 

Contact an Airline:

You can directly call the airline to ask for your flights taken. Note that few companies are only compelled to keep data of 7 years. Once you give all the above steps, you can take the research a step further to get details such as flight numbers, flight times, and aircraft registration. 

The Bottom Line

In this article, we saw various steps on how to gather personal flight history. One of the first steps, as we mentioned above, is Flight Tracker Websites it will show aircraft registration flights and other flight details. 

You can check on the above steps, and you should be able to find a significant amount of info to find your personal flight history. We hope this article helps you to find past flight numbers. Have a great life. 🙂

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