How to Get to Madagascar from the US?

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, situated on the southeast coast of Africa. This island, almost the size of France, hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a raw and beautiful location that is worth visiting. Although getting to Madagascar can be a little tricky, we are here to make that task easier for you. Let us dig deeper into this context and find out more.

How to Get to Madagascar from the US?

There are limited options available to travel to Madagascar. The most taken route is either through air or water. Since you are traveling from the US, the only logical route to get to Madagascar is through the air. 


1. Take a Flight 

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Now, there are two ways you can travel to Madagascar. The first possible route is from Newark to Tamatave. This is the cheapest option available for you to land in Madagascar. The time taken by most air carriers to complete this journey is 33 hours approximately and covers a distance of 14,109 km. Tamatave is an important port city of Madagascar and has pristine beaches. Tamatave is located on the east coast of Madagascar and is the capital of the Atsinanana region. This city is 215 km from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and the easiest way to reach the capital is by road. This flight will cost you roughly $700- $1000.


The second option and perhaps the most suitable one is to take a flight from New York to the capital city of Antananarivo. Although this is more expensive than the first option – it is much more convenient since it consumes much less time. Most air carriers take approximately 20 hours to fly over this belt. Since Antananarivo is the capital city of Madagascar, it has much more convenience than the rest of the country. It has more hotels, hospitals, and places to eat. This flight will cost you roughly $1000-$2000. 


2. Get a Visa 

Madagascar from the US get a VISA

Getting a Visa is an essential step that needs to be completed before flying to Madagascar. We are going to shortlist different types of visas that you can acquire before traveling to this island country. Essentially there are three types of visas available. Let us understand them in more detail.


  • 30 days visa:  As the name suggests, this visa is valid for 30 days after arrival. This is a single entry visa and will expire after 30 days.
  • 60 days visa: This visa is valid for 60 days after arrival. This is also a single entry visa, and the maximum stay allowed is 60 days.
  • 90 days visa: This visa is valid for 90 days after arrival. This is also a single entry visa, and the maximum stay allowed is 90 days. Due to covid, this visa is only permitted to tourists.


Apart from these, Madagascar also gives the service of obtaining a visa upon arrival. You can head to the US embassy and get either a 30-days or 60-days visa. But our suggestion is to apply for this online and get it before flying. It will save you from any unforeseen misadventures and make things easier for you when you land after such a long flight. The cost of obtaining these is between $35-$45.

How Long Will it Take for Your Visa to be Processed?


Unlike most countries, it is extremely easy to get an online visa for Madagascar. The procedure happens very quickly. The most basic thing to keep in mind is that you need to apply at least 3 days before your travel date for the visa and you will receive it within that time frame. One added information you need to keep in mind is that your passport needs to be valid for 6 months and need to have at least 3 blank pages. 


Get a Travel Insurance


Since Madagascar is not a frequently visited country, it is best to get travel insurance. It will save you from injury, theft, cancellations, and a lot of other things. Some of the best companies that give travel insurance are World Nomads, Insure My Trip, Medjet, etc. 


Get a Pre-Organized Travel Package

How to Get to Madagascar from the US

If your sole purpose in traveling to Madagascar is to explore the beaches and see lemurs in their natural habitats, the best way to look around the country to get an organized tour. Most of these tours will cover the charges for your food, hotel, and local transportation in the country when you arrive. They will also provide you with a local guide who will help you in exploring the country in a much better way. 

How to Stay Safe in Madagascar?


Madagascar is a relatively safe country; however, theft is a common occurrence due to poverty. We advise you not to disclose how much money you have and keep an eye on your valuables and belongings, especially if you are taking a bus. Walking on the streets at night is not advisable. The roads are not very well built; therefore, accidents are common; it is best to wear your seat belt while traveling in a car.


Vaccinations Required


The US State-Bureau of Consular Affairs states that you need to get vaccinated for yellow fever if you have traveled in an endemic country in the past 6 months. The department also suggests you get immunized for chikungunya, polio, tuberculosis. We hope you consider these suggestions seriously. 


The Bottom Line


Even if you are going to Madagascar for purely non-leisure purposes, we still urge you to explore the country and its beaches. Lemurs are the cutest animals, and it would be a great adventure to go see them in their most natural habitat. You can also go for whale gazing in the deep waters. 


We hope this article gave you the relevant information you were looking for and made things a bit easier for you. We hope you have a happy and safe trip!

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