How to Lock a Suitcase Without a Lock

As WSJ reports, 20 million bags go missing by airlines every year, and several others were stolen or damaged! We are sure keeping your luggage safe is your priority. There are many ways of securing your suitcase, and also have some ways to track them down.

How to Lock a Suitcase Without a Lock

Think about it, do you want to spend most of your time searching and tracking down your luggage or do you want to keep it secured? Chances of stolen luggage are generally more when your suitcase is unsecured, and this includes an unlocked suitcase. 

The study linked to the unlocked suitcase stolen suggests the same. There has also been an increase in the number of people claiming insurance on their missing luggage. Some of them complained that they got some money from the insurance firms but lost essential documents. 

How to Lock a Suitcase Without a Lock

What is a Luggage Lock?


A luggage lock is meant to prevent a suitcase from accidental openings, and it is an essential component of the bag’s security. There are several locks, and some are internal while some are external like padlocks, and straps. 


The exterior locks are generally called unsafe, and the reliability is a little lower than inbuilt locks. There are instances with digital locks where people forget the numbered password, and this is why people are still buying suitcases without the digital passcodes.


Why Do I Need to Lock my Suitcase?

There are several reasons you should lock your suitcase. It provides not only security but also keeps everything intact. 


Imagine you are putting your suitcase through transit and the bag opens up! It’s more challenging for opportunistic baggage handlers at the airport! A lock also keeps your zipper intact. 


If you think insurance can help you get your money back, imagine the hustle if you lose things like your identity card or things that are more difficult or impossible to acquire again.

How to Lock a Suitcase Without a Lock

A locked suitcase also helps when you are around strangers, you don’t want them peeping through your luggage, especially when you are at hotels.


Okay, now let us find out what are the alternatives to locks?


1. HomingPIN Tags 


If you don’t want to spend money buying a new suitcase with a good lock, you can use HomingPIN Tags. They are incredibly cost-efficient, and often you can get them for as low as $10. 


Here, you will not  just get one loop but an entire pack. The new high-end HomingPIN tags also come with a one-year subscription for the tracking services they offer.


To avail of these services, you will need to register your details on the homing pin tag website. If you lose your luggage and someone finds it, they can check the homing pin tag website and scan the tag’s QR code. 


If you are concerned about privacy, you don’t need to be because the company handles the communication between the person that found your luggage and you. They do not reveal your personal information.


2. Cable Ties


The easiest way to handle a no-lock situation is by using cable ties, but this may only work if your luggage has lockable zips. Lockable zips are two zip pulls with small loops. You will need to thread the cables if you have an excellent cable to tie the lockable zip locks. 


Suppose you wonder what you do if you have a suitcase without dedicated loops, then you will have to make sure that you thread the cable tie through the holes. The holes are generally above.


It’s not ideally secure, but they can still pull the zips apart. This creates a small hole, yes, this hole is small, but it can make thieves looking at your suitcase an easy target.


3. Luggage Wrapping Services


Suppose you feel unsafe with cable ties, fabric, plastic, and questions about their durability, considering a company providing luggage wrapping service. Many vendors and even companies offer luggage wrapping as an option. 


These services are generally available at the airport, and they wrap your suitcase in a plastic bag. Yes, the plastic’s security is debatable, but it protects from spillage, scratch, and rain. Yes, a potential thief can still steal your luggage, but they can steal the locked luggage in every other scenario.


Wrapping it Up! 


Yes, most of these services and hacks may not sound very convincing, but most of the locks are easy to open in a suitcase. Thieves nowadays use 3-D printers through opening a lock for some of them is extremely easy; they do it at the poke of the pen through the zipper. 


You can try the above tips and tricks to secure your luggage, especially when travelling through public transport. Don’t hesitate to buy a new suitcase if the one you have is old and rusty. Remember, security comes first.


The ways that we have mentioned above are the best alternatives to replace locks. Hopefully, we were able to help you out try them out and let me know which one was suitable for you!

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