Kinbaku, and Why You Call It Shibari

If you go to Japan and mention that you’re into shibari, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters, they could look at you strangely and wonder why you’re into tying knots. In Japanese, “shibari” doesn’t refer to the erotic art of rope tying. It is simply a word that means knot-tying, and doesn’t have any special artistic connotations.

Kinbaku, on the other hand, has several connotations of the sort, and is what most people actually mean when they refer to shibari. It’s unknown why the practice of kinbaku has been known by a different name overseas, but the process has become so firmly associated with the name that it doesn’t look like it’ll be easy to change. These days, even in Japan, people are starting to recognize the word “shibari” as the one that they would normally call kinbaku, in a strange case of a word regressing in meaning to the original language.

Kinbaku, like many other Japanese techniques that have made it across the Pacific, is an ancient art, practiced since around the beginning of the Edo period, according to “The Beauty of Kinbaku” by Master “K,” which is rapidly becoming one of the primary authorities on this ancient art. It is difficult to find this kind of artistry in the US, unless you are very careful about vetting the very top sites for bondage, and even then, you run the risk of finding people that are not nearly as serious about this ancient art.

Kinbaku and Art

“Don’t you love this – Amazing Kinbaku Art?”

The idea of going to the White House or the Museum of Modern Art in New York and presenting them a bound and gagged woman, then asking for money, seems pretty strange to most Westerners. In fact, it would likely seem strange to many people.

However, the Japanese consider kinbaku to be just as worthy of artistic recognition and just as full of merit as any other form of art. Kinbaku artists, known as nawashi and bakushi (an abbreviated form of “kinbakushi,” otherwise known as “the people who practice kinbaku”) are just as well-respected in Japan as other artists. Instead of paper and ink and brushes, their chosen materials are jute rope, bamboo rods, and the human body.

It is even possible for nawashi and bakushi to receive grants to practice their art, for the enrichment of all people in the cultural ways of Japanese society. There are very famous kinbaku models in Japan, and they are considered as respectable as other models, certainly not considered porn stars (or AV stars, as they are known in Japan).

Shibari and Western Practices

“Shibari – the right way to tie knots”

Shibari became known in the West very recently, and only exploded into the BDSM scene with the rise of the Internet. This is not because the practice was unappealing, but more because it was considered so difficult that only the Japanese masters, nawashi and bakushi, were considered able to safely and quickly practice it.

Since its arrival on the Western bondage scene, it has become incredibly popular very quickly. These days, almost every Western technique that is popular among circles that practice bondage is influenced in some way by the Japanese practice of kinbaku.

Still, kinbaku has not achieved the same recognition state side as it has in Japan, where it has been practiced since the late Edo period. While this may be fascinating in historical context, it doesn’t explain exactly how shibari came to be known so well in Western cultures – just that the Internet and certain top sites for bondage that feature shibari techniques have been instrumental in bringing it to the attention of thousands of new enthusiasts. There are many sites that actually offer comprehensive information on Kinbaku, you can read the site review here: ALT Review – Is This Site A Scam? See The Rating We Gave It! Find out what legit sites really look like.

Shibari Contests

“Nawashi style”

In Japan, they hold shibari competitions between nawashi and bakushi. These are considered very high in form, and these competitions happen in the same way that competitions exist between martial artists who practice judo and kendo, specifically.

Like judo and kendo, also two traditional Japanese arts, the focus is not on speed or even the effectiveness of the harness, tie, or bind. Instead, the focus is all on the specific “kata,” or forms. A move that is made with perfect form is going to take more points than a move that is made with sloppy form, even if it is more effective.

In judo, this would be equivalent to a kick that was thrown at someone’s opponent. If the kick is made in perfect form, even if the strength isn’t enough to send the opponent down, the marks will be higher than a sloppy kick that results in the opponent being immobilized.

The same is true in a shibari contest. This is far more focused on making the most beautiful forms than on restraining someone the most effectively, or even making the best harness. Of course, a kinbaku rig that achieves high marks in artistry is far more likely to be effective in use than a rig that is simply for restraint.


“It is different from kinky play but a good technique”

One form of bondage that was derived from kinbaku and is now considered separate from it in both form and function is hojojutsu. While you may not read about hojojutsu in any of the top sites for bondage, like, you may see this form more often in the news, especially because of the contests that are popping up not only all over Japan, but in the West as well.

Hojojutsu is different from traditional kinbaku in the fact that it is not necessarily meant to be beautiful – it is meant to serve the very fast, very accurate purpose of securing a person with rope.

Jute rope is what is currently always used for shibari. This is considered the only choice for anyone practicing kinbaku of any kind, and that extends to hojojutsu as well. Hojojutsu was not developed for aesthetic reasons, but in order for Japanese soldiers to secure prisoners of war in the fastest, most efficient method possible. This meant that every soldier who was trained in front lines combat had to be at least slightly proficient in hojojutsu, and that each form had to be down perfectly.

There are currently championships being held in hojojutsu, which are frequently based on how fast and how accurately an opponent can secure another. This means that competitions in hojojutsu are difficult to judge, since the strike is so fast and so accurate.

Hojojutsu is not necessarily for the beginner rigger. This functional type of bondage is very difficult, and very dangerous if you get it wrong. It is also intended to cause discomfort, as it was practiced to subdue enemies.

Shibari and Functional Bondage

One thing that many people love about kinbaku, which is known as “shibari” in the West, is that the rigs are often functional bondage, which means the rope serves a point other than restraint. For example, knots are formed to press on pleasurable pressure points in a full Karada, or full body rig. This can result in immense low-grade pleasure for the submissive, who may wear certain harnesses under her or his clothing all day just to feel the pressure.

Whether you call it shibari or kinbaku, or practice offshoots of it such as hojojutsu, Japanese rope bondage is a fascinating technique with a long history, and your time on top sites for bondage can be better spent if you’re willing to learn about it.

How to maximize your chances of closing the deal on the first date

“Looks like you are ready to close the deal”

If you’re looking to close the deal on the first date, you’re not in it for a relationship. You’re out there to cut corners and get to the point. Have no fear, it can be done. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and this instance is no different. It never hurts to have an ace in your pocket. Follow the hints below to maximize your chances of closing the deal on the first date.

Be honest

“Honesty is going to benefit you”

This sounds clich but it does, in fact, it works. Not only it worksbut it has been proved successful through time and time again. Define the terms of the relationship before you even pick her up. If you act like sex is the last thing on your mind then you can’t spring it on her at the drive-in and expect her to not go into shock. Let her know from the minute she agrees to go out that you are thinking about having sex that night. If she knows ahead of time and agrees to go out, you know you’re going to close the deal. If she doesn’t want to go, you’ve wasted no time and you’re onto the next. This approach works even if you’re planning on staying with her and seeing how it goes. Sex is a big part of a romantic relationship and sometimes you just want to know that you’re compatible.

Spare no expense

“Arrange a vintage wine for her”

If you mean business, and you seriously want to close the deal by the end of the date you’ll have to invest some money. Dinner at a swanky restaurant is a good idea. Make sure it has a lounge. Sitting in a darkened lounge, Martini in hand, while Frank Sinatra plays, is a one-way ticket to paradise. Choose a light dinner so neither one of you is too pooped to party and it’s always a good idea to choose a place close to one of your houses. If that isn’t an option, you’ll need to rent a room. The more expensive, the better,choose a room with a hot tub or private balcony. If there is a lounge or bar available, it would be even better.

Sugar daddy sites can be helpful

Before you have a chance to close the door you need to set up a date first. Sugar daddy sites are set up to help older men find younger women to date. They may offer a variety of features from profiles of younger women seeking older men, to advice on dating and swinging lifestyles. But a word of caution, only visit the Best Sugar Daddy sites. There are a ton of crappy ones online. On the good ones, you can find profiles of younger women near you or in areas you travel too. There are many ways sugar daddy sites can be helpful. Whether you’re searching for a long term arrangement or something quick and easy, you can find the information you’re looking for on a sugar daddy site. Give them a try and start setting up some dates. The more dates you set up the more chance you have to close the deal.

To increase your chances turn no further than to Fling Dating

“Convert your fling date into a real one and close the deal”

Similar to sugar daddy sites, fling dating sites also help you to find and set up the dates. In my opinion, fling dating is your best choice online because the women on them are looking for sex. You may get lucky and find a woman who will sleep with you on the first date and still consider your boyfriend material but it isn’t likely. Learn More About Fling Dating If you are not familiar with it. Women on these sites think about an easy lay the same way we do. Most of the time it doesn’t work out;there are other circumstances where you’ve known each other for a while and have been talking about fling dating. The conversations have been heating up and you’ve had more than a few sexy text sessions with her. In these cases she may be so aroused by the time she meets, both mentally and physically, closing the deal on the first date is almost a sure thing. Sadly, most scenarios don’t play out like that. For the best shot at closing the deal on the first date, try fling dating.

Closing the date on the first deal is not an unheard of thing. It can be done. It takes a bit of planning and knowledge. Use common sense and be as straight forward as possible. Establishing your goals and a clear path to achieve it is the best way to go. Don’t make trouble for yourself by being deceitful or manipulative. Hurt feelings and bitter arguments can be avoided by open ended conversations and acceptance of each other’s feelings. Closing the deal on the first night can be fun for both of you.

4 Traits to Look for in a Job Seeker

It’s not easy to find the right candidate for a certain position. You’ll get a lot of applicants, and spotting the perfect one can be a big headache. Nevertheless, if you manage to set apart the great candidates from the poor ones, you can easily trim down your options. So what traits make someone a great employee? Here are 4 traits you should look for in a candidate:

1. Someone who is filled with enthusiasm.

When a person is enthusiastic, you know that he or she is motivated. These people are prepared to work hard. They don’t mind volunteering to do certain tasks. They can work extended hours not because you asked them to, but because they love to. They simply don’t run out of steam because there’s always something that keeps them going. There are a lot of things that can motivate a person. But someone who is filled with enthusiasm will work hard without any reason.

2. Someone who has ambition.

A person who has ambition is someone who wants to continue improving and wishes to achieve personal goals as well as that of the organization. You want someone who won’t work just for the paycheck, but a person who actually sees himself being in the company for many years and ultimately land a better position.

t is an almost universal truth that men are ambitious.

t is an almost universal truth that men are ambitious.

3. Someone who is responsible.

You always want an individual who is responsible and someone you can count on. A candidate who is responsible doesn’t rely on emotions too much but would rather think critically. That person is accountable for their actions.

4. Someone who is humble.

Someone who is humble

Someone who is humble

A traditional interview won’t give you the info you need about the candidate’s traits. For you to know if a candidate has these characteristics, your interview should be similar to a conversation. Give situations and ask the person to share his or her thoughts and experiences. Hiring the right person is essential if you want your organization to benefit from the individual and ensure that the new hire will be an asset to the company. Not every candidate out there has these 4 traits. So do your best to uncover their characteristics. And when you spot a person who has these 4 traits, make sure that you hire them. If you don’t, some other company will definitely hire that candidate. That’s a big loss for your organization so be sure to hire these people when you can.

5 Ways to Save Money When Planning Your Dream Vacation

Work and everyday life can take its toll on you. If you don’t give yourself a break, you’ll be worn out in no time. A vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. A trip to one of your relatives across town is good enough. As much as you’d like to embark on your dream vacation, sometimes you’ll have to wait before you can finally make that dream a reality. Then again, the wait shouldn’t be too long if you’re wise with your finances and you know how to plan a cheap vacation. Here are 5 tips to save money when planning your dream vacation:

1. Prepare everything well in advance

Get a passport months in advance. When you’re in a hurry to get your passport, you’ll end up paying more on expedited fees. If you’ve already set a date, you can also book a flight in advance. When you see good travel deals, take advantage of them right away.

2. Search for all-inclusive packages

These packages have very good prices. Everything you need is already included in the package. Since there are a lot of travel specialists around and competition is tough, you can expect them to offer great deals to customers. Do your research and find the best and most affordable package.

Find Your Dream Vacation

Find Your Dream Vacation

3. Travel in the off-season

Prices go up during peak season. Also, whenever there are events, prices surge. So if you want to spend less, travel in the off-season. It’s not only cheaper, but you’ll also have easier access to tourist spots and activities.

4. Travel with friends

You’ll have a lot of expenses when you travel on your own. One way to trim down your expenditures is to divide it amongst your friends. So tag some friends along and make an agreement to divide expenses on accommodation, activities, and food between the group. Another advantage of traveling with friends is that you will have someone to share the experience with.

5. Stay in condos and vacation houses

Look for condos or vacations houses that offer short-term rentals. Staying in a hotel or resort will cost you a ton of money especially if you choose the luxurious ones. Condos and vacation houses are cheaper and they also have kitchens where you can cook. It’s not necessary to eat out all the time. If budget is tight, buy the ingredients in the grocery and cook in your condo. It’s more affordable and everyone gets to eat as much as they want without worrying about the bill.

Wisconsin Condo & Vacation Home Rentals

Wisconsin Condo & Vacation Home Rentals

You don’t have to spend everything you have just to enjoy your dream vacation. Keep it simple. After all, it’s not where you stay or what you eat or what activities you do, but rather who you’re with and how you make every moment count.

Bottled Water Is It Really Good? – Top 5 Myths That We Need To Know

Nowadays, bottled water is most commonly used by the consumers as an alternative for tap water. It may be convenient and some says that has a better taste than the regular one.

There are some myths about bottled water that the public hasn’t been aware since it came out on the market.

Here are the 5 myths that we need to know about bottled water:

1. Is it good for your Health?

  • It may be one of the healthiest choices. It has been process in different stages before it will be stored in the bottle. It also refreshes your body and provides the cleanest water a body can take.

  • It may also have a bad affect on your body. Since it is stored in a plastic bottle for a long time, the bottle usually release small amount of chemicals. So, the longer the water is stored on the bottle, the higher the risk for the chemicals to be released.

2. Does it taste better than tap water?

3. Which is more convenient and cheaper?

  • Bottled water cost 240 to over 10,000 times per gallon than tap water. While water cost less than 1 cent per gallon.

  • Tap water can be seen nearly everywhere on your kitchen, park and public places. Bottled water can only be seen in supermarket and convenient store provided you need to purchase them.

4. Recycling Programs for Waste

  • Some of the bottles are recyclable, because they are made thinner and easy to dispose.

  • Cities pays extra more, just to clean and dispose water bottle. Studies shows that it will take 1000 years to degrade and if it will be disposed in incinerators, it will release harmful chemicals that would be added to manmade chemicals.

  • Bottled water produces almost 1.5 million tones per year. And uses 47 million gallons of oil to produce.

5. It helps create job opportunities

  • It helps create a job, since factories producing bottled water need workforce.

  • Bottled water facilities employ few employees than the municipal water facilities.

One of the popular companies had a biggest misconception about quality of bottled water. It has been advertising the brand for water as “pure, still water,” but it is still being under investigation due to misleading consumers about the true resource of its content.

Why Does Bottled Water Taste Better?

Why Does Bottled Water Taste Better?

So the next time you buy bottles water, you have to be aware of the content not the packaging design.

5 Most Important Questions You Should Ask Before Tying the Knot

Tying the knot is perhaps the hardest and scariest decision you will have to make. The prospects of living with the other person for the rest of your life can be overwhelming. It can be the greatest decision you’ll ever make or the worst mistake you’ll ever commit.

If you are thinking about walking down the aisle, you have to be very sure that it’s what you want and that it’s going to be for the best. You don’t want to suffer living with the wrong person and ultimately going through a painful divorce. Here are five critical questions you better ask yourself before saying “I do”.

Do I know the other person well enough?

This is the first question of primary importance. You don’t want to settle down with somebody you barely know. Do not go for whirlwind romances because the odds for these working out for the best are pretty slim. Give it enough time to know the other person better. Always remember that patience is a virtue and that successful marriages are not made overnight.

Learn How To Tie The Perfect Knot

Learn How To Tie The Perfect Knot

Is this the person I want to live with for the rest of my life?

Ask yourself whether the other person is the ideal husband or wife for you. If not, chances are, the passion of living together and early lovemaking will die down and you’ll soon be looking for what is missing in the other person. You’ll end up becoming a cheater because you are unsatisfied and discontented. Don’t go for people you rate as second choices or fall backs.

Can I accept him or her for her mistakes and flaws?

Nobody is perfect. However, there are flaws that we can live with and there are those that we simply consider unbearable. Think about the things in your fiancé that annoy you. Ask yourself whether you have the patience to deal and live with them. If you feel you can’t, then there is no point pushing the topic of marriage.

Am I willing to sacrifice for him?

Marriage is a life-time commitment to another person. It is about sticking together through thick and thin. There will be times that it will demand so much from you to the point of sacrifice. Ask yourself whether you are ready physically, emotionally, even financially to devote yourself to one person. Marriage is not something you can readily back out on.

Do I really love this person?

There should be no other reason for tying the knot apart from true and pure love. You do not expect a marriage to work out if it was built for the wrong motives or intentions. If you are marrying someone for his or her social status or money or any other reason, then think again. Marrying someone you don’t love will end up in you losing more than what you’d expected to have.

Skills Every Man Should Master

Skills Every Man Should Master

Always remember that your life is too precious to be wasted. Surely you do not want to see yourself ending up miserable because you never were happy about your relationship. Always think a thousand times for a very important decision, especially if it is about marrying someone. Most importantly, let love be your greatest guide.

Top 5 iPhone5 Flaws That Not All People Know About

You can’t deny the popularity of iPhone5 just like all its predecessors. In fact, a lot of people really waited and anticipated the release of this smartphone. You can do many things with the iPhone5. You can view your favorite social media websites. You can even surf the internet using your iPhone5. With plenty of apps that you can download, you’ll surely have a good time with your smartphone. Useful it may seem, iPhone5 has flaws that have been reported by users. You might encounter these flaws as well.

Inaccurate Apple Maps

With the latest iOs version and the iPhone release, Apple scrapped Google Map and replaced it with their own map version, Apple Map. However, users have reported that the data in Apple Map is wrong and inaccurate. The maps are full of bags and the app lacks the features that were originally present and very useful in Google Map. To fix the inaccuracies of Apple Maps, users have to wait for the fix coming Apple For the mean time, they can try some of the map apps available.

Can’t connect to WiFi

WiFi is an important feature of iPhone5 because this is where the users connect to the internet. With a malfunction WiFi, iPhone5 will become an ordinary smartphone. There are times that the device won’t be accepted by the router while there are those that connect slowly. The WiFi can only connect when the device is near the router. When this was tried with other devices, the connection has no problem.

50% off the Body Glove ToughSuit Rugged Case & Holster for iPhone 5

50% off the Body Glove ToughSuit Rugged Case & Holster for iPhone 5

Short battery life and overheating

When the iOS 6 was released, a lot of customers have complained about overheating and short battery life. Experts say that this was because of the presence of too many apps in the unit. To solve the problem, there are users that said that the problem was gone after a hard reset of the phone. When everything seems to fail even after a hard reset, you have no choice but to wait for an iOS update.

Scratches on the body

A lot of customers have complained about the aluminum casing that easily scratches even when the unit has just been opened from the box. The unit also receives scratches and chips easily exposing the silver aluminum. Apple has dismissed this claim and even said that chips and scratches are perfectly normal.

Protector for iPhone

Protector for iPhone

Purple glare on the captured picture

Apple has boasted that iPhone5 has the best iPhone camera to date but a lot of users have complained about the presence of purple glaze when a picture is captured especially when the picture is taken against the sun. Apple has suggested to prevent the glare of the sun to enter the lens and suggested that to cover the sunrays with your hand when taking pictures.

These flaws are not present in all iPhone5 units but Apple should take time to address these issues if they really exist. If indeed these flaws exist, then they must fix these issues. If they don’t, this can mean unsatisfied customers and fewer sales in the future.